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Doctor Who
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Arrow and Flash
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Transformers(all the movies)
Sherlock Holmes
Fruits Basket
Ouran High School Host Club
Tobuscus(Toby Turner)
Jenna Marbles
The Hobbit
Lord of the Rings(all 3)
Battlestar Gallactica
Xena: The Warrior Princess
Star Trek(mostly movies but have seen the TV shows)
New Girl
Jurassic Park
Anything Rick Riordan has written
The Hunger Games(Catching Fire was my favorite)
The Fine Bros
Austin and Ally
Sonny with a Chance(Channy!)
Anything Marvel
Pitch Perfect
Star Wars(all of the movies. Hoping Disney doesn't mess up the new one)
Many Many More


Once I finish all the requests I'm going to continue, and hopefully finish, Gift's of the Mind.
You are in an empty black room. Then, suddenly, a door appears in front of you. Reluctantly, you twist the golden knob. When you pull the door open, there is nothing on the other side. Almost instantaneously, the door slams closed on its own. A little freaked out, you turn your back to the door, but it reappears in front of you. You decide to try the door again, but this time there’s a face on the other side. You try to scream but nothing comes out. Then, without warning, a hand grabs your arm.

That’s when you wake. You breathe hard, trying to calm yourself down. Then you quietly went back to bed, trying not to wake the sleeping Bruce next to you.

You open your eyes to find yourself in a chair, legs and arms tied back. With no wiggle room, you decide to scream for help. After five minutes of no response you hear footsteps from behind you moving closer. Your breathing quickens as the footsteps become nearer. A hand grabs your (hair color) locks, stringing them through its fingers.

“My dear (Y/N), why so frightened?” A man asks.

“Who are you?” You ask, trying to keep your voice steady.

“Let’s just say your boyfriend stole something from me.” He replies, twirling your hair around his finger.

“You won't hurt him!” You yell.

“Oh, but you are wrong, my dear.” He laughs mischievously.

Without warning, the man you love appears in front of you, face bloody. There’s a cut on his forehead, blood leaking out. His arm is partially green, like he wants to become the beast, but can’t. He kneels down to your level, close enough that you can smell the blood.

“This is all your fault, (Y/N).” He says before standing back up. “You led them to me.”

Tears stream down your face as you reply, “I didn’t want this to happen to you.”

“And yet, it did happen.” Bruce says, anger in his voice. That’s when his hand arrives on your throat. Then you wake, again, panting and sweating, still crying.

“(Y/N)?” the man next to you asks.

“Oh, hey Bruce.” You reply, quickly wipping away the tears.

“Another nightmare.” He states, more then asks, sitting up. He wraps his arms around you, puts his head on your shoulder, and starts rocking you back and forth.

“You don’t have to do this. I’m fine.” You say, trying to calm yourself down.

“What type of boyfriend would I be, then?” He asks, joking.

“A well rested one.” You reply.

“What fun would that be?” He jokes, before kissing you.
“But I have things to do!” Your boyfriend, Loki, complains as you drag him to the Stark home theater.

“Like what?” You ask, still dragging him behind you.

“Like conquering the world!” He yells, mischievously.

“You can do that anyday,” you reply.

Yeah, but I can also watch Supernatural with you any day.” He whines as you open the door of the home theater.

“Yeah, but you can’t can’t watch the season premiere of Supernatural anyday.”

“Yes you can.” He says, sitting in his seat.

“That is an unspeakable crime!” You yell, overdramatic.

“Fine! Just don’t kill me!” He replies, mockingly overdramatic. You sit on his lap like it was a normal occurrence. “So what episode are we watching?” He asks, smelling your hair.

“The teddy bear episode!” You yell exited, selecting the episode.

“The what?”

“Teddy bear. You know stuff animal of a bear.” He just stares at you questioning. “You never had a teddy bear as a kid?!”

“I never had one of those stuffed animals as a child.” He replies plainly.

“That’s so sad.” You reply, tears in your eyes, as you cuddle his head in your chest. That’s when he starts laughing. “You lied!” You yell in realization.

“I’m sorry. I had to.” He replies, looking into your eyes. You get off his lap and walk to the other side of the room. “What are you doing? I said sorry!” He yells to you. Ignoring him, you sit down and watch the episode.

He walks over to you and sits down. After five minutes of only Supernatural you absentmindedly lay your head on his lap. That’s when he starts playing with your (hair color) hair. Apparently you end up falling asleep.

When you wake up you’re curled up on your bed, Loki’s arms wrapped around your waist, sound asleep. You grab your phone off the nightstand, checking the time. 1:30 AM. Deciding you wanted to be the mischievous one for once, you elbow your boyfriend in the gut.

“Ow.” He quietly whines, still half asleep.

“Get up.” You say in his ear, unwrapping yourself from his grip.

“Why?” He asks, now fully awake, but still whining.

“So you can conquer the world.” As you reply he looks at you questioning and surprised. “You don’t want to be late.”

Then he stands up, turns towards you, and bows as he replies mockingly, “Yes, my Queen.” Before giving you time to reply, he crawls back into bed, laying his head on your chest, almost instantaneously falling back to sleep.

“Well that went well…”
You try to grab onto the control panel of the TARDIS as it shakes you around. You had met another Time Lord, The Doctor, in Victorian London where you’d been stuck for the past 152 years. In a state of panic you had stolen his TARDIS. Now the thing was obviously angry. The time machine finally stopped shaking, but only after a large crash. Your guess: you had landed. Cautious, you exit, to find yourself in the middle of a room, standing in front of a geeky, highly attractive man.

“Ummm, hello?” The man asked, surprisingly calm.

“What planet am I on?” You asked plainly. Might as well get right to the point.

“Earth. What is that?” He replies, pointing to the TARDIS behind you.

“A Time and Relative Dimensions in Space.” You pause before continuing. “Or a TARDIS.”

“So a time machine.”

You stare at him dumbfounded before replying. “Um, yeah. How’d you know that?”

“Science.” He simply replies before he grabs a couple beers out of a fridge, and hands you one. “So what’s your name?”

“(Y/N), you?”

“Bruce Banner.” He replies, extending his hand, but when you stare at it questioning, he pulls it back. He stands there, staring into your eyes, lustfully. Before you can question it, another guy enters the room.

“Hey, my science bruh!” He yells, not noticing you, yet. “Who’s that?” He asks, pointing to you. “And how’d that get in here?” He continues, now pointing to the TARDIS.

“Umm, that’s…” Bruce starts, trying, but failing, to explain.

“I’m his new girlfriend.” You lie, walking towards your so called boyfriend. “And the box was supposed to be some stupid prank.”

He stares at you before replying, “I don’t believe you.”

“So you don’t believe this?” Then without warning you grab Bruce’s face, and kiss him. It took him a second to realize what was happening, but when he did, he put his hands on your hips and kissed you back. His hands slowly wrapped around your back, as you wrap your hands around his neck. When the two of you seperate, Bruce stare at you, but you turn to Tony.

“That was not real. That looked like a first kiss.” He slurred, probably drunk.

“Well that’s because each kiss is like the very first time.” You state, possibly a little too sassy.

“I guess I was wrong. Bruce can have a hot girlfriend.” He admits.

“Hey. My girl you’re talking about.” Bruce says protectively.

"Whateves. I'll leave you two lovebirds to it." Tony states before turning around and exiting the room.

"Well I guess I should be going." You say walking back to the TARDIS. Then you turn back to Bruce. "Unless you want to go meet Queen Mary of Scots with me?"

He smiles before replying, "I thought you'd never ask."

Doo Wee Doo
You turn the knob on the bathtub, filling the tub with warm water. You pour some purple liquid in with the water, causing bubbles to form. Once the bubble bath soap is put away and the water is turned off you disrobe and step into the tub. You open up your book and start reading while you sip your champagne.

“Hey (Y/N)?!” Your boyfriend, Bruce Banner, yells before walking unknowingly into the bathroom.

“Yes?” You reply without averting your eyes from the book.

“What are you doing?”

“Taking a bath. Reading.” You reply as you sip your champagne, again. He just stares at you as he walks closer to the tub. He sits down next to the tub and pulls up the sleeves of his purple shirt, your favorite. He reaches into the tub and starts rubbing your leg gently.

“Where’d you get the champagne?” He asks after five minutes pass in silence.

“Stole it from Tony.”

“So Pepper gave it to you. What did Tony do to you now?”

“He bought her a strawberry pie (A/N: Which is an actual thing. Google it.) for their one year anniversary.” You reply, giggling to yourself.

“That reminds me, what are we doing for our anniversary?” Bruce asks, back to his normal, serious self.

“Well we were supposed to go to a fancy restaurant, but…” you trail off your words, putting down your book and champagne. You reach up and grab Bruce’s purple collar. He drops his hand from your leg and puts his hands on your soapy body. You kiss him passionately as you start to unbutton his shirt. Once the purple fabric was lain on the floor you leaned back against the tub, separating the kiss.

“What was the for?” Bruce asks, a little disappointment about the separation visible in his tone. As if to answer his question, you wrap your arms around your boyfriend, and with all your force, pull him in the tub with you.

“Does this mean we don’t to go to dinner?” He asks, now hopeful, as he reaches for your champagne.

“Only if you marry me.” You reply, half joking.

“Deal.” He replies smiling, leaning in for another kiss.


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